Safety big topic of Terre Haute City Council meeting


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Terre Haute City Council members met Thursday.

On the agenda, what some are calling the dangerous intersection of 25th Street and Wallace Avenue.

Terre Haute resident Christa Sutton told her experience to the council.

“My daughter attends Sugar Grove, and on Monday someone blew through the red, or through the red light that was flashing and t-boned our car,” Sutton said. “And I was injured, my daughter, thank god, was ok, but we were, she was soldered into the car.”

The city engineering office says there was a traffic study conducted in that intersection.

It involved monitoring the number of cars that go through the area daily and also how fast they’re driving.

City Engineer Chuck Ennis says the current flashing light is only meant as a crossing guard aid and says they aren’t sure what all can be done to help improve the area.

“As a traffic control device, stop signs are really ineffective,” Ennis said. “And let me add further that, you know, a signal there is also not going to be warrant, because the warrants for a signal are higher than the warrants for a stop sign.”

The purpose of city council taking on the intersection is to make an ordinance.

That ordinance making it allowable by law to ticket people for ignoring the stop.

Brad Uchytil and his wife are passionate about the intersection and are just pushing for it to become a safer area for all.

“This is a personal vendetta of sorts for us,” Uchytil said. “And we’re just tired of watching people be terrible.”

There were a couple of other big things talked about at tonight’s city council meeting.

The first being an ordinance regarding establishing a dance permit and regulations.

The other one was discussing all the steps necessary to move forward with re-doing the icon building and making it into apartments.

We’ll of course follow all of these stories and update them when we can.