Vigo County Schools plan to appeal accountability grades


VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana schools received their own report cards this week. The Indiana Department of Education released school accountability grades based on ISTEP scores Tuesday.

For elementary and middle schools, the A – F grade is based on ISTEP results and growth from past years.

For high schools, the grade is assigned due to ISTEP scores and college and career factors, like dual-credit classes, advanced placement and industry training.

“The state brought in new academic standards this year so every grade level across the state, performance was down,” said Vigo County Deputy Superintendent, Karen Goeller.

The majority of Vigo County School grades are Bs and Cs. The Indiana Education Department stamped three schools with Ds as their accountability grades.

These schools include West Vigo Middle School, Sarah Scott Middle School and Sugar Creek Elementary School.

“They know which students didn’t make the growth or performance and they are definitely putting into place interventions for those students,” said Goeller.

There are also two Fs on the list. These include Booker T Washington Alternative High School and McLean Education Center.

“This is the first time they’ve had a grade because that requires every school to have a grade,” said Goeller.

The School Corporation says their ISTEP results weren’t factored in to their letter grade because these alternative schools don’t have enough students.

“When your population is small you run into the instance of, ‘Is your testing situation an accurate one?” said Goeller.

The only component these alternative schools were graded on was college and career preparation. The purpose of these two schools is to provide unique needs so they earn high school diplomas.

These two factors resulted in a failing grade for both.

“So we talked to the education department about that and we’ll be appealing those grades and it was indicated to us that we might have a very good case as well as other alternative schools in the state,” said Goeller.

The district has thirty days to submit an appeal.

Indiana leaders are still deciding if schools should be spared for a second year in a row from low ISTEP scores.

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