New look for the new year as school undergoes massive renovations


VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) – Take a look down the hall at Riley Elementary School in Vincennes and it’s a glimpse into the future of the school.

A multi-million dollar renovation just wrapped up.

Superintendent Greg Parsley says they’re ready to get back into the building after a five month hiatus.

“Students have been at three different church venues,” Parsley said. “We had three churches that stepped up in this community and by them stepping up what it allowed for us to do was to put more dollars into this construction project.”

Parsley says the renovation cost around $2 million.

From a new air system, to new floors, paint, desks, the list goes on.

Principal Susan Marchino says the age of the building showed as they tried to do more.

“Technology would get bogged down because we didn’t have proper wiring,” Marchino said. “Then you know, just up to date furniture and things that were we want to do small group instruction, not enough areas for that. So, just things like that that go on in the classroom that people don’t really think about.”

Parsley says Riley Elementary has been in the system since the 1960’s.

This renovation is part of a larger $38 million project the school system is working on.

“We have not done a whole lot of remodeling with our elementary schools and a large part of that is that there’s been many different discussions with the community trying to figure out what do you want to do,” Parsley said. “Do you want a mega-elementary? Which we heard loud and clear was not the choice that this community wanted.”

So as the students, faculty and staff get ready to use this “like-new” building, Marchino is excited for the possibilities the school holds.

“When we can provide those up to date things for them, it only enhances the learning environment,” Marchino said. “And it really is a community part. I mean the whole community took part in making this happen.”

The school officially opens for use when Vincennes heads back to school on January 4.