Murder suspect, jail escape plot, and almost $200,000 in pot; Police make big bust in Vincennes



KNOX COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – A Wabash Valley man remains behind bars accused of killing his girlfriend. But in a bizarre twist, that investigation landed his father in jail.

This week marked a big break for Wabash Valley officials. Lance Marley is charged in the murder of his girlfriend, Lindsey Fleck.

He’s currently housed at the Gibson County Jail in Princeton, Indiana.

It’s the plan that authorities say developed behind jail walls that have them concerned.

Officials tell News 10 they’ve been monitoring communications between Lance Marley and his father Joseph Marley.

That’s how police learned the duo was planning to help Lance Marley break out of jail.

On Thursday, officials served a search warrant Joseph Marley’s house.

They were looking for letters about Lance’s escape from jail, but when they searched the house, they found more than they anticipated.

Detectives discovered nearly 140 marijuana plants when they arrived.

“After several hours it was dismantled and Mr. Marley was brought to the Knox County Jail,” said Knox County Sheriff Mike Morris.

The Sheriff says this amounts to nearly $200,000 worth of drugs.

He says this was a large drug operation likely used for dealing.

“There was hydroponic grow which is the water side of it, there was led lighting and standard light so, it was a full operation,” said Morris.

The father is now charged with dealing, possession and cultivating marijuana.

“The search warrant was for documents. Through this subsequent search warrant for the documents, we plain view ran into the marijuana growth situation,” said Morris. “So it’s like any other criminal case, you don’t know what you’re dealing with until you get there.”

Detectives say they are continuing to build a potential case of all those involved in the attempted escape of this inmate charged with murder.

“The family of the victim is from Knox County. The victim is from Knox County so working with Princeton Police gives us an opportunity to bring rest to the family and hopefully everything works out,” said Morris.

News 10 will continue to keep you updated as this investigation unfolds.

Joseph Marley (provided photo)
Joseph Marley (provided photo)