The making of a general; Wabash Valley native earns big promotion


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A Wabash Valley native promoted to one of the most prestigious positions within the Indiana National Guard.

A Clay County resident credits the men and women around him for his success.

News 10’s Brittany Earl sat down with Brigadier General Kip Clark.

General Clark is known as a leader.

He’s dedicated 32 years and counting to a cause he feels so strongly for. He is also a man humbled by success.

“When I found out I was going to be promoted, from that time…even now, it is an overwhelming feeling of humility,” Clark said.

The Indiana National Guard promoted the former 181st Intelligence Wing Commander Kip Clark to Brigadier General.

Clark spent 15 years in the sky as an F-16 fighter pilot and was deployed three times for combat operations.

He also witnessed the biggest change on base.

“Our contribution to the fight is arguably…day in and day out has a greater impact on our national security than anytime we were flying airplanes. Seeing that transformation has been an incredible opportunity for me,” Clark said.

Looking back, General Clark says serving his country was the most rewarding moment in his career and credits that experience for his recent success.

“To have that opportunity to support the defense of our nation…it’s incredible. So when we deploy for combat operations…I think that’s the highlight,” Clark told us.

It’s not the most important experience…it’s commanding the 880 men and women he works with.

“By far…the greatest thing about being a member of this base is the people. They are phenomenal. And when I go around our base and see an airman, young airmen…19, 20-years-old doing the work they do and having a direct impact on our national security and they impact they have on the battle space…it’s inspiring,” Clark said.

Officials say the Adjutant Genera of Indiana will appoint a new base commander in Terre Haute in the coming weeks.