Family builds snow sculptures and memories


ROCK FALLS, IL. (KWQC) – One family in Illinois didn’t let the snow ruin their weekend, instead they are using it as a way to bond.

When it snows John Gragert and his family can often be found outside in the snow. Gragert said his sons would go outside and build snowmen, but eventually got bored. Now the family builds sculptures.

It becomes a feud as the Gragert boys discuss what they will build next. “I said we’re going to make a Model- T Ford and they said no we aren’t,” said Gragert.

Once the family collaborates on a project they have to plan it out step-by-step. “We draw it out first, to kind of figure out how tall we are going to make it and then we fill our totes,” said Gragert, “we pile up a bunch of blocks then we start carving it out.”

That’s not the only thing that makes these sculptures stand out. The Gragert’s use spray paint to add color.

The family said these projects are more than just a chance to play in the snow. It’s a time to build memories. “It’s a time we can get together and get outside and hang out,” said Gragert.

The newest sculpture can be found outside of the family business, Family Stone Memorials, in Rock Falls.