Robinson school board approves 2016 tax levy

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

ROBINSON, Ill. (WTHI) – Money was up for discussion at Robinson Unit Two School Board in Crawford County. This as board members voted to approve the 2016 tax levy.

A Truth in Taxation Hearing was held prior to Monday night’s board meeting.

There, board members addressed concerns regarding potential increases in property taxes. However, board members assured residents they are doing what they can to take as much pressure off of their pockets as possible.

The board unanimously voted to approve the tax levy.

“We anticipate though, based on our actual maximum tax rates, that if a taxpayer’s property value remains the same that the school portion of their tax bill would actually go down very slightly for this year,” said Supt. Josh Quick.


Quick says this is only the very beginning of the levy cycle.

“That needs to be turned in by the last Tuesday of December,” he said, “Then, the EAV or the property values in the district, will be posted in January. Then there’s an opportunity for taxpayers if they don’t agree with their property value to be able to take that to the Board of Review. That all wraps up usually in March and then the final EAV is set. Tax bills typically go out in our district about June.”

For a more in-depth look of the 2016 Tax Levy, you can view the Robinson Community Unit School District 2’s presentation at the link.