Election Board Members officials approve Division One recount results


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The recount process for the Vigo County Division One Judge race is officially over and election board members approved the report of the recount results Tuesday morning.

Candidate Raeanna Moore asked for a recount after losing by just 64 votes.

As we’ve reported before, incumbent John Roach won on election night and in the recount. Election officials tell us after the recount, his total increased by four votes to 68.

The secretary of the election board stated the difference in the results can be found in improperly marked absentee ballots.

“It clearly states use black ink only. And ya know, somebody’s wanting to get it done they pick up a pen, they don’t realize the pen they picked up is a red ink pen,” explained Dave Crockett, Election Board, County Clerk. “And they mark it in red and obviously, the machine won’t read red, that’s just part of the machine, some people will make a check mark or a circle.”

Crockett adds human-errors can typically only by discovered after going back through the ballots.