Review: Tracking your health with Withings smart devices


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Health is a big deal in our house. Well, to be fair, I think it is for most families. I’m going to talk about mine, though for this review.

Verizon sent me a smart thermometer and a smart blood pressure cuff…both by Withings.

So what do I mean when I say these devices are smart?

Right now, when most of us get our temperature or blood pressure taken it is right there in front you, or your doctor. You see it on the display, maybe (probably not) write it down and go about your day.

A smart health device turns your phone into the ‘control center.’

img_0088Your readings will be recorded in an app, so you can check for trends and keep track of it all.

Let me start by saying I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure. I also have a nine-month-old son.

During the course of this review, my son Alex got sick. It was a perfect chance to test the thermometer.

So, let’s talk the Withings Thermo. The ‘Smart Temporal Thermometer.’

Set-up was super easy.

You need to download the app and pair it via your phone’s Bluetooth.

Once you pair it, it’s ready to go.

So how do you use it? Well, it’s a touchless thermometer. You swipe it just above your head to your temple.

From there, it will ask you, on your phone, if you’d like to log the temp in the app. There is also a fairly basic display on the thermometer itself.

The display isn’t anything special, but I guess it doesn’t need to be since most of the functionality goes to your phone.

Our whole family used this during my review. A cool feature is you can choose in the app who had their temperature taken. So once it’s done, it asked me if it was Alex, my wife, or me using it.

A problem I noticed is I didn’t get consistent temperatures. It would say something….I would take it again seconds later and it would be different.

This wasn’t super easy to use on my baby. He’s old enough to grab at things. img_1481

So I would try to take his temperature, but he would either turn his head or try and grab it…giving me some troubles.

It’s a cool gadget…but at $100…give me a regular thermometer.

Let’s move on to blood pressure, though.

This tool I found much more useful.

It’s the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor.

While I was reviewing this, I was having major issues with my blood pressure. My doctor had me on something that caused it to sometimes dip too low. It was something I needed to watch closely.

Most of us don’t know how to take someone’s blood pressure the classic way. This makes it super easy.

img_0090Just like the thermometer, you pair it with an app on your smartphone. It pairs using Bluetooth.

Now, to use this…you have to have your phone with you. There isn’t a way to start taking…or reading your results on the cuff itself. I didn’t have a problem with that, but many people might.

With these types of monitors, it’s always a question of accuracy. I did test this against my doctor’s results.

They were pretty spot on!

The app is where this shines, though.

It doesn’t just measure your blood pressure, but it will also keep track of all of your trends. It will keep track of all if your results and chart them for you.

For me to be able to go to my doctor with an easy…not much work on my end graph of my readings was so awesome.

Setting up, using, and syncing this device was very pleasant and easy. Much more polished than the thermometer.

This cuff isn’t cheap either. It’s $99 on Verizon’s website.

Unlike the thermometer, though, this is very much worth the price if you are dealing with blood pressure issues.