Hundreds come together to help make sure kids don’t go without


CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – When school isn’t in session, children can sometimes go hungry.

But Thursday, a major effort took place to help make sure they didn’t.

Tara Foulke looked over boxes of food she packed.

She’s one of the several hundred people who volunteered their time to do so.

Foulke works in the schools and says she sees first-hand the need.

“It’s incredible really,” Foulke said. “So many of these kids have people at home that, you know, we assume maybe they have the resources and maybe those resources get traded out for other items. And they don’t get the food. It’s not their fault.”

A $15,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation makes this service possible.

Nicole Fry with the Clay County YMCA says this is another extension of their continually growing program for kids on free and reduced lunches.

Helping to make sure that when they’re home during a break they don’t go without.

“That extra burden that, financially it might have on families to have to purchase the extra food, especially during the holiday season when everybody’s focusing on, you know, presents and Santa and that kind of stuff,” Fry said. “This really helps to reduce that burden and hopefully reduce the stress.”

After all the boxes are packed, they’re heading out to be hand delivered to more than 300 kids.

Fry says it’s an amazing feeling to be able to provide something like this.

“The fact that, some of these kids that are so excited to receive this box is very heart warming,” Fry said. “And I hope that the families we are serving, I hope they feel the love and the time and the effort that it took to put this together.”

And while it takes personal time and a little grunt work to get these boxes packed.

Foulke says she doesn’t think twice about it.

“It’s a no-brainer for me,” Foulke said. “And I just, I mean I have a passion. God lays it on my heart. I have the ability to do it and I’m blessed to be able to do it. So whenever there’s an opportunity and I’m available, you know, it’s a privilege.

Each delivery also arrived with a stocking full of personal hygiene items.