Man claims Amazon sent him sex toys instead of gifts for young daughter


PROVIDENCE, RI (WJAR) – A man says he received sex toys from Amazon instead of wood-burning kits he wanted to gift his young daughter and her friend for Christmas.

The label on the box Alex Bai ordered says “wood-burning kit.” But, when he looked inside:

“…definitely not a wood-burning kit.  At first, I had no idea what it was,” he said.

A Google search of the brand name on the box Bai received retrieves an Amazon description of “rechargeable wireless remote controlled vibrating pleasure adult sex toy.”

Bai said he called Amazon to complain and was told they’d call back.

He called them again after not hearing from them for three days.

He said he was told he could get a full refund and a $10 credit and the company would investigate.

“So I don’t feel they are treating this seriously,” Bai said.  “They didn’t realize how potentially damaging or embarrassing for a customer it can be. They didn’t realize what could happen if I just, without checking, gave this to a pre-teen girl.”

Bai suggests other customers open their orders before giving them as gifts to avoid embarrassment.

“You really cannot totally trust that whatever you received from Amazon is exactly what you have ordered.”