“This week is a very, very busy week” Charitable contribution deadline quickly approaching

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Even after Christmas, the season of giving doesn’t stop.

“This week is a very, very busy week,” said Meredith Osburn, Retail Operations Director for Wabash Valley Goodwill, “We had a gentleman that had been here three times today, and he’s here this week and next week before the 31st to get that in for year end.”

Osburn says they’re seeing quadruple the donations. That’s because folks are rushing in to meet the deadline for the charitable contribution on their tax returns.

As the deadline quickly approaches, Osburn says they continue to make the proper accommodations so drop-offs can go smoothly for customers.

“We try and staff as heavy as we can for this week so people don’t have to wait in line too long,” she said, “We try to make it convenient as possible. You drive up, ring the bell or you drive over the bell that goes off automatically and people should be right there to help you unload the car.”

So what should you know before making your drop-off? Osburn says come prepared with an itemized list and be sure to ask for a donation receipt.

“We have a carbon copy receipt where we write your name, address, phone number and we confirm that you gave us three bags of clothing, a couch, and a box of dishes, and that is what we write on your receipt,” said Osburn.

In addition to that, Goodwill also includes which location you donated to on your receipt, as well as the date. However, Osburn says they are not responsible for giving you a value for your items.

“To value that, that is between you and your accountant,” Osburn said, “The IRS does not allow us to give you values, we are the confirming entity that we did receive your donation.”

As far as what to donate, Osburn says they accept a variety of items such as clothing, furniture, home goods, linens, toys, ladies and mens’ accessories, as well as recyclables at the main facility.

“We’re looking for medical loan equipment because we have a great, free medical loaner program and it’s available to all ten of our stores,” Osburn said, “You can use it as many days, years, as you want. We just ask that you think of us when you’re done with it and think of us when you’re no longer benefiting from those, just come and donate those to Goodwill.”

Osburn says they also accept TVs, information on that and a full list of accepted/unaccepted items can be found on their website.

While everyone loves a good incentive to donate, Osburn says don’t lose sight of what your contribution really means, especially to their store.

“Your donations support nearly 200 jobs right here in the Wabash Valley,” she said, “and without the support of our donors and our customers in the store, we couldn’t support our mission of employing people with barriers to employment.”

The deadline to make your tax-deductible donation is Saturday, December 31st. Osburn says try to come early to avoid the rush.

“Just be patient with us this week, this is a very busy week,” Osburn said, “We do appreciate all your support and thank the Wabash Valley community for your years of support.”

For a list of locations and store hours, click here.