“It just feels like home.” Cafe with 200 year history considered total loss after fire

WTHI Photo, Lonnie Wiram
WTHI Photo, Lonnie Wiram

PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – One Wabash Valley community is left picking up the pieces after their business went up in flames. An investigation is underway to find out what caused the devastating fire at Rock Run Café and Bakery in Parke County.

The eatery, known for its long and colorful history, met a tragic end on Tuesday. The fire destroyed 200 years’ worth of history. The café was home to several notable historic figures, such as Chauncey Rose of Rose Hulman, Mordicai Brown of the Chicago Cubs and of course, Hollywood “bad man” Tex Terry.

Though filled with timeless antiques, the cafe continued to grow and expand into modern day. It’s latest venture? Breaking into the wedding industry.

Firefighters worked tirelessly to extinguish the blaze. No one was inside at the time, but the beloved community landmark is considered a total loss.

Dakota Kirchoff worked part-time at the cafe. He told News 10 it’s still a surreal feeling. “I’ll probably miss all of the nice things over there. The food was great, and whenever you go there you are always welcomed. You’re never treated wrong. It just feels like home,” said Kirchoff.

Officials tell us that determining a cause to this fire could take some time, as investigators will need to get inside to make any determinations.