“I’m a different person.” Local woman inspiring others for a healthier 2017


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – With the new year just around the corner, that means one thing: New Year’s resolutions! Health and fitness is always a popular goal on that list.

In the past year and a half, fitness has been a goal for Shelby Hull.

“I have so much energy, I’m happier,” said Hull. “I’m a different person.”

She used to live a lifestyle filled with fast food and no exercise, but she knew she needed a change.

“I look at those pictures and can’t believe that was me,” said Hull.

That’s when she met her trainer, Rachel.

They work out weekly at Anytime Fitness in Terre Haute, focusing on her strength, stamina and nutrition.

“You’re their coach but you become friends from impacting each other,” said trainer, Rachel Stunich.

Hull is proof that setting a fitness goal can be achieved…and then some! In a year and a half, she has lost 80 pounds.

“I call her my fairy god trainer,” said Hull. “That’s what she [Rachel] is, my fairy god trainer.”

Stunich says many people can create success stories like Hull’s with a few simple guidelines.

First, Stunich says planning your workouts and writing them down in your schedule helps to follow through with going to the gym.

She also says finding a coach or workout partner will keep you accountable.

“Getting in the gym and getting work done is huge but what you put in your body has more of an impact on how successful you are,” says Stunich.

In fact, Stunich says diet plays about 90% of a role in health goals.

“Read the nutrition label,” said Stunich. “If you don’t know what some of those ingredients are you should probably steer clear or do some research.”

Successful fitness stories aren’t perfect. Stunich says you will make mistakes, but it’s bouncing back from those mistakes to do better is what creates success.

Last but not least, educate yourself on nutrition and exercising. A helpful resource for nutrition is www.myplate.gov.

This will allow a change on the scale and a change in your life.

When we asked Hull about her New Year’s Resolution, she’s looking to inspire others.

“I want to help people. I want to show them, ‘Hey I did this, you can do it too’,” said Hull.

Shelby says her father and stepmom have played a large role in her motivation. Unfortunately, Hull lost her father last summer from a massive heart attack.

She says she plans to continue to work that much harder and make him proud.