Does the Christmas Shopping Ever End?


Savannah, Ga — (WSAV News 3 )  Does the Christmas shopping ever end? The answer to that… depends on when you’ve spent all your gift cards. Just the day after Christmas, and the shops at Tanger Outlets in Savannah were open by 9 a.m., packed by noon.

Everyone had their reasons for coming out, but most were there with their families to spend some Christmas money.

“My husband gave me a check,” chuckles Pricilla Smalls, a Savannah native who came to shop at Tanger today.

“Yes and she got a check so she better get to spending!” her husband, Kenneth Smalls says.

Down the way, take a rest break at the Christmas tree display, Pat McCoy sits with her daughter and who she calls mama.

“A $90 dollar sweater for $26 dollars,” she says, and she’s already wearing it.

Inside the stores, people shuffled through sales racks and not so single file lines.

Outside the store, the benches were full… full of men.

Bret Gant waited with his two year old son, Banyon, while his wife and new born shopped for new clothes inside Carters. He and Banyon were wandering around and playing games, or as he calls it, “wasting time”.

Cousins Azarah Dixon and Mariah Goodman came to buy Converse with their Christmas money, but when asked what their favorite part about Christmas is, they seemed to know exactly what their parents wanted.

“To be with my family and to get to hang out with other people that I don’t normally see,” says Azarah Dixon, “And Jesus,” she adds.