Rock Run fire leaves bride and groom without wedding venue


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Saying the words, “I do” is a moment many people will never forget. Weddings come with a lot of love and plenty of planning.

But with a bizarre twist, one local bride is planning her wedding in just four short days.

That bride is Christine Jones. On Saturday afternoon, just one day before her big day, she has a special look in her eye.

A look every little girl dreams about as she stares at her soon to be husband.

The love birds practice walking down the aisle, ready to hear those wedding bells in just one short day.

But Oregon Baptist Church isn’t the venue they originally booked their wedding.

“I sent a text and I said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this but your wedding venue is on fire’,” said Jones’ sister, Jamie Kiefner.

Rock Run Café and Bakery in Parke County is the venue they planned to say “I do”.

This is the restaurant that caught fire Tuesday, leaving the building as a total loss.

“For this to happen on our wedding day, it’s just kind of a trend and plan B is what’s going to have to happen,” said Jones.

Rock Run Café planned to care of every detail, including the ceremony, reception and catering.

“We’re going from a nice rustic three-course meal to three hours of us trying to come up with decorations to tacos on plastic plates,” said Jones. “But at the end of the day we’re still surrounded by people we love and we’ll still be married.”

“It was never a question whether or not they could use the building,” said Oregon Baptist Church Pastor, Fred Harrison.

Oregon Baptist Church heard what happened Tuesday morning. The Pastor says he and his wife both received messages from church members hoping to extend a helping hand to the Scifres.

That same day they offered their venue to the couple.

“My sister helps everyone out. She’s just a great person, everybody loves her and there’s no way I wouldn’t be helping her on her special day,” said Kiefner.

In four days, Christine’s family and friends put together food and decorations. Her coworkers also took her shifts at the hospital so she could make this last minute wedding a reality.

“I’m very humbled and blessed with all the family and friends’ support we’ve had from everyone, piling in to make sure this day still goes off without a hitch,” said Jones.

“I don’t care how messed up everything is, this room is going to be full of love and people who are truly happy to be at a wedding,” said Kiefner.

“We have no clue about anything that’s going to take place tomorrow except that we’re going to eat and we’re going to have a wedding and it’s going to be just as special as if we’ve been planning it for months,” said Jones.

The bride-to-be says this day is surely one they’ll have to tell the kids and grandkids about.

Christine and her fiancé Dana will say “I do” at Oregon Baptist Church at 5 p.m. Sunday.