New year, same objective for Terre Haute City Council


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s the start of a new year and it’s a fresh start as well for Terre Haute City Council.

However, newly-appointed council president Karrum Nasser says they still have the same goals in mind.

With no objection, Nasser was appointed city council president.

A position he says is an honor to be given.

“It’s a humbling honor to be elected president by your peers,” Nasser said. “Just, you know, we’re going to move forward with protecting the tax payers and making sure that we are stewards of their tax dollars.”

Coming off of a busy 2016 where the council heard many discussions over storm water fees, sewer rate increases and a trash fee.

Nasser says going into 2017 it’s the public who the council still has in mind.

“Just because the calendar changed, our role is still the same to protect the tax payers,” Nasser said. “We have, you know, the casino that will be coming before us. We have still our financial issues that we need to address with our deficit. So, those things will still remain the same.”

One topic that will carry over into the new year from last year is communication.

Something Nasser says the council and mayor’s office have already tried working on.

“I’ve reached out to the mayor and we’ve discussed some ways to do that,” Nasser said. “They feel like they need more time to answer our questions. So we’ve worked on some things where some of the questions will be in writing to give them an opportunity to prepare especially on detailed financial information.”

The city council did meet in a sunshine meeting after their reorganizational meeting.

Topics from that included a potential tax anticipation warrant loan to help the city operate until tax funds come in.
Mayor Duke Bennett says they’d like to borrow $4 million from the bank to make ends meet.

Another big topic was a proposed apartment complex on the north end of town.

We’ll of course follow all of city council’s business and bring you the latest.