Consumer complaints to be aware of in 2017


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) It’s the start of the New Year so it is time to start thinking about protecting your family and your wallet. We are helping you stretching your dollar with a look at what scams you need to be on the lookout for this year.

New year new you. As you make resolutions for 2017, consumer experts are hoping you add ”being a smart consumer” to your list. We talked to the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection, Jonathan Harris who said while identity theft is growing at a rapid rate, the majority of the problems they see come into their office here in Connecticut, have to do with home improvement contractors.

He said problems arise even when the projects you’re having done are minor. It’s important you do your homework and research anyone you’re planning to hire to do work at home.

“Do what you can to make sure they have the credentials they need for instance, home improvement contractor, that they’re registered with the Department of Consumer Protection and you can look on our e-license on site to see if someone is registered as a home improvement contractor, if they’re licensed,” said Jonathan Harris, Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection.

That’s the biggest complaint to be aware of in Connecticut. The Consumer Federation of America says the top complaints nationwide to be on the lookout for are misrepresentations when buying a car.

Do you research to you know what you’re paying for and you’re not getting stuck with a lemon. Problems involving landlords and internet sales also topped the list.