Professors learn to be relatable to their students


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Staff at Indiana State University learns how to connect to the younger generation.

Professors who are Baby Boomers and Generation X were learned how to relate to Millennials.

Through the Jumpstart January program this is one of the lessons being offered to help shape a better environment in the classroom for students.

“We want to try to be relatable to the students,” said Molly Hare, Interim Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence at ISU. “We want to try to build up a good rapport. We want to have diverse instructional strategies where we’re trying to engage them into small group settings as much as possible trying to really make a transition between book information, to application and real life. And in the work force in the future.”

Professors will also work on how to incorporate things like smart phones into teaching and learning for students.