Vincennes Outlook for 2017

(WTHI Photo, Tony Kassissieh)
(WTHI Photo, Tony Kassissieh)

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) – There’s nothing like having a hometown worth taking pride in.

For those in Vincennes, lots of good things are set to take off this year.

2016 marked the start of the Kimmell Park project in Vincennes.

While that project is still in the works, Vincennes Mayor, Joe Yochum, says 2017 will turn some focus back to the city.

He says, “I think the public’s excited, especially all of the people that are involved in these projects, they’re excited, and they’re going to be excited to see it all happen here in ’17.”

The mayor says the projects planned will be noticeable in, and around the city.

One project taking off soon it located at the intersection of 2nd St. and Niblack.

Yochum explains, “It’s an intersection that has two railroad crossings, a bridge, it interferes with our levy that’s got a flood gate that goes in there. Because the railroad has raised the tracks over the years, the flood gate no longer goes in. So that project should start here in a week, two weeks at the most.”

Yochum says another area that will see a lot of development is the city’s down town area.

He says, “I think you’re going to see some investment in a lot of the buildings down town. Maybe see some new businesses, possibly restaurants, different things. I think we’re going to see a whole lot of investment come to our down town.”

Yochum says ten new liquor licenses were approved Monday night for the River Walk area to attract business.

But he says he’s proud of his community, since a lot of the people that are investing in the city are locals.

He says, “I tell you what, it’s exciting. You know we had a great year last year, and I just think ’17 is just going to be even better. But you know, when everybody is working together for the same goal, we’re all in the same vehicle travelling down the same path, heading the same direction, it makes things happen, and I think you’re going to really see that in 2017 here in Vincennes.”

Mayor Yochum says businesses should be coming to Vincennes near the roundabout area too.

He’s hoping there will be more to share about that development come March.

Yochum adds, “Andy Myszak who is working on a tax credit project and hopefully first of March we’ll get some great news there. That project will take off, and that’s in our downtown area where our grain elevator site is presently.”

The mayor says there is a Main St. project planned from 22nd St. out to the schools.

They’ll be widening Main St. and putting in curbs and sidewalks.

There will also be a lot of paving going on in Vincennes.

Yochum says to expect two seasons of it: one in the Spring, and one in the Fall.

One of the main goals with that is getting the city’s curb ramps up to Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The mayor says City Hall will be working toward ADA standards too.

This year they’ll be installing automatic handicap doors, and updating the counter and council chambers for easier handicap accessibility.

Another talking point is the plan to purchase new vehicles for the city’s Police and Street Departments.

Yochum says, “We were getting ready to buy our next fire truck, and the way the city keeps up to date with its fire equipment is every five years we buy a new fire truck and then it’s paid for, and then we order another fire truck and that’s how we keep our equipment up to date. Last year we decided to do the same thing for our Police Department and our Street Department. So we did a bond issue for those two departments. The police department should get around 15 new vehicles, and then the Street Department will be purchasing other vehicles like pickups, dump trucks, front end loaders, things like that.”

With so many things on the roster, Yochum says he’s excited to see it all come to life.