Company linked to 465 crash fined thousands over past 3 years


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  A trucking company involved in a crash that shut down part of Rockville Road and I-465 Tuesday has racked up dozens of federal violations over the past few years.

Police are still investigating whether the company will face any fines or citations for the Tuesday crash. Detectives said a car crusher on the semi trailer malfunctioned, causing it to become too tall and collide with the bridge, police said.

The truck belongs to an Indianapolis-based company called Twins Trucking.

Twins Trucking earned a satisfactory rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2009.

Federal inspectors found 27 vehicle maintenance violations within the company since December of 2014.

In the past two years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cited the company with five unsafe driving violations. Those violations are for speeding and following too close.

Record show the company has been involved in five crashes since December 2014, two in which someone was injured. The records do not include Tuesday’s crash.

In 2015, a federal agency fined Twins Trucking $4,450 dollars. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said the company failed to systematically inspect, repair or maintain its vehicles as equipment.

The same agency fined the company $3,590 dollars in 2016 for an issue related to return-to-duty testing.

The company has 17 trucks and 17 drivers, according to federal records.