181st Intelligence Wing receives new commander


HULMAN FIELD AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ind. – Indiana’s Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Courtney P. Carr, is pleased to announce the selection of Col. Christopher R. Alderdice as the new commander of the 181st Intelligence Wing based out of Terre Haute, Indiana.

“The mission of the 181st Intelligence Wing is critical to the Indiana National Guard, the state of Indiana and the nation,” said Carr. “I have all the confidence in the world of Chris’ leadership, and I am excited for the work he and the unit will perform over the coming years.”

Alderdice, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, has served in the armed forces for 37 years; he began his career as an enlisted airman before commissioning in 1985. He has been a weapons system officer in the F-4D and the F-4E. He received the aeronautical rating of pilot in 1990 and has flown aircraft such as the F-4E, and F-16C. He has held positions as fighter squadron commander, aircraft maintenance squadron commander, maintenance group commander and mission support group commander.

Alderdice expressed his gratitude for the support of the airmen from the 122nd Mission Support Group in Fort Wayne as he leaves to take command of the 181st Intelligence Wing in Terre Haute.

“I am excited to become a ‘Racer’! I am blessed with the prospect of leading the extremely talented men and women of the 181st Intelligence Wing and its unique missions of providing Battlefield Airmen and Intelligence support to combat operations around the globe. I look forward to continuing the tradition of community engagement and support to the patriotic people of Terre Haute and Vigo County,” said Alderdice.

Alderdice will replace Brig. Gen L. Kip Clark, who was recently promoted to the position of chief of staff of the Indiana Air National Guard, as the Wing Commander at a ceremony to be held Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017.