Student-designed project to help company


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – You may see some new changes in the way you do business in the near future.

That’s thanks to nine Rose Hulman computer science students who designed augmented reality application with help through the plastic company Ampacet.

Putting their design and software development skills to the test, their creation may make the art of the business pitch a different reality.

Using holographic technology they can potentially help clients pick out products even faster and make it more cost effective. Senior Alec Tiefenthal say it will make development for the company quicker and cost-effective.

“The hope is when they’re [clients] seeing it in that bottle shape, they’ll be able to say ‘yes, this is what i want’ and then they’ll go make the physical prototype,”

An example of augmented reality.
An example of augmented reality.

explained Tiefenthal. “They’re hoping the client is less likely to dislike what they see on the bottle because they’ve essentially seen it before.”

While this project is no game, the software used comes straight from the entertainment industry.

“Our team uses game development software called Unity to create augmented reality,” said project member Lujia Zhang. “In this augmented reality, we can have detergents, fabrics, and models to present as a hologram so you can see it around you.”

The project was successful enough to even land Tiefenthal a job upon graduation.

The visor takes some getting used to but if your author can do it, anyone can.

Just a flick of the index finger and movement of the eyes, and you’re commander of your new reality.