Some in Vermillion County advocate for advanced emergency care


VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Vermillion County is one of the longest counties in Indiana and that distance could mean the difference between life and death.

Especially if there isn’t a paramedic in the ambulance you’re on.

Merry Addison has worked in the health industry since she was a teenager.

Now she’s advocating to make sure the level of health care people are getting in Vermillion County is even better.

“Every study that’s been done shows that where you get injured makes a difference,” Addison said. “If you’re far away from a response your chances if you’re badly injured are worse.”

Some people in Vermillion County want to make sure those responding to emergencies are certified paramedics.

Meaning they’re allowed to provide emergency care that includes medicine.

County Commissioner Tim Yocum wants to make sure they’re at that level.

“We need to move ahead,” Yocum said. “And any time that, especially a health issue that we can improve the, the well-being of people and the conditions in our county, we’re going to do that.”

Some of the concerns in the crowd tonight were those of the time and the cost it takes to be certified as a paramedic.

But that’s exactly why Yocum wanted to have a meeting so they could get the facts.

“The people is the ones that own this county,” Yocum said. “And what they have to say is important to us. And mainly what we’re doing we’re trying to gather information that we can take it back to leadership and say this is what we’ve found out. This is what it’s going to cost.”

As for Merry Addison, she hopes that from this meeting people will learn more and pursue a job in the health industry to give back to those who live in Vermillion County.

“Health care careers historically bring a good level of income, service, healthy community,” Addison said.

There are currently four levels of emergency medical training.

Those include Emergency Medical Responder, Basic EMT, Advanced EMT and Paramedic.

There’s no time frame yet as to when they hope to implement these trainings.
But we’ll of course keep you posted.