Fork in the Road: The New White Steamer

A rare treat for the Fork in the Road crew becomes a treat for all of you as well. Since Kevin Orpurt was the one who recommend this latest …



431 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, Indiana 812-234-1161


Rollie’s Pizza

15 N. 6th Street Terre Haute, Indiana 812-234-7655


Fork in the Road: Ribs on the River

The Fork in the Road crew had another tough assignment…the challenge? Deciding which Pit Master is serving up the best ribs at Ribs on the…


Fork in the Road: Grandma Vera’s

It’s not uncommon for Chief Photojournalist Mike Latta to get tips on great places to eat…and that exactly what happened when he was in We…


Fork in the Road: The Hitchin Post

It’s not uncommon for the Fork in the Road crew to get emails from viewers telling them about new eateries to try. Well, it was one of those…


Fork in the Road: Taste Terre Haute

But, it is not often that the crew gets to sit down at one location and have the great food come straight to them. That’s why they were so e…


Fork in the Road: The Saratoga

The Saratoga has a long history of family and good food. But, what you may not know Is that they’re also famous for their prime rib!