Milburn Pharmacy

Hi Ed Walker from Milburn Health Mart Pharmacy in Sullivan. Here again in one of our new products it’s a pride live chair made by Serta. The…


JR Pharmacy

The American Heart Association has established February as the American heart Month to bring awareness against the fight to cardiovascular d…


Clay County Podiatry

A lot of people realize that cold weather means dry skin but its not just your hands or your face that get dry skin, your feet do too. And t…


Paris Community Hospital

Vitamin D is very important because it plays In our body to the different systems. It is very important for absorption and metabolism of cal…


JR Pharmacy

My name is Lori Eldred, I’m the manager at JR Pharmacy in Baesler’s Market. Studies have shown only 50 percent of prescriptions are taken co…


Milburn Pharmacy

Hi im Ed walker from Millburn pharmacy in Sullivan Christmas is right around the corner today I would like to give you some ideas for stocki…


Kidney & Hypertension Center

This is the kidney smart program, it’s a no cost education program for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or have been identifie…


Harmonica Health

Amy approached me who is the head of our palminary hub. She knew I played guitar, I was in a band, she knew I was a musician. About if I cou…


Harmonica Health

Harmonica Health Healthy Living for Oct. 1, 2014 Union Hospital