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Harmonica Health Healthy Living for Oct. 1, 2014 Union Hospital


We Care 4 U

Paris Community Hospital Saturday August 16, 2014


Kidney and Hypertension Center

Kidneys do a lot of jobs in the body. They have a lot of functions. The main important function of the kidneys is they help filter all the t…


Kennedy Foot Care

Normally in the summertime people start coming in, especially woman complaining they can’t wear their sandals, they want to wear open toed s…


Daviess Community Hospital

I think it’s real important we talk with folks in the community. Reach out to our employers. Reach out to different agencies to see what’s i…


Stroke Awareness

First, about the stroke. It’s one of the most common problems. It’s the fourth leading cause of death. And “80 percent” of the time stroke c…