Bicentennial minute: Indiana maps

This bicentennial minute takes a look at Indiana maps. Press play in the video player above. For more Bicentennial coverage, click here.


Fork in the Road: The Saratoga

The Saratoga has a long history of family and good food. But, what you may not know Is that they’re also famous for their prime rib!

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

I just want to talk a little bit about patient safety.  And in the Wabash Valley what I think’s very good to be aware of all of our patients…

Photos from inside Mike McCormick's home (Credit: Mike Latta)

Bicentennial: Terre Haute’s Historian

Inside his house, pieces of our history line the walls. You will find old high school memorabilia, actress portraits along with train depot …


May 6th – 12th Nurse’s Week

Karen Haak, Chief Nursing Officer talking Nurse’s Week Location 520 South Seventh Street Vincennes, IN 47591 Contact Us Monday – Friday 6 a.…


Warning signs of a Stroke

Jo Singleton, Cardiology Nurse Coordinator Dayson Heart Center talking about the warning signs of a Stroke Location 520 South Seventh Street…


Inprocess level 3 Trauma Center

Dr David Purdom, Medical Trauma Center Director talking about the level 3 Trauma Center Location 520 South Seventh Street Vincennes, IN 4759…