Sullivan County Hospital

A balanced pain program includes the tailored use of physical therapy, medication and interventional procedures to treat acute and chronic p…


Trauma Center at Regional Hospital

I’m Christine Toevs,  I’m the Trauma Medical Director at Terre Haute Regional Hospital.  Although we are now a level two in process trauma c…


Harsha Cognitive Center

HI I’m Kim Derk a behavioral analysis at harsha cognitive center. And I just wanted to give you a few tips if you’ve unwrapped or your child…


Internal Medicine Nephrology

26 percent of people at the age of 60 or older have some form of chronic kidney disease. The most common risk factors for chronic kidney dis…

Christmas Credits

Merry Christmas from News 10

Click Play for the 2015 Holiday Credits. The complete list of everyone at WTHI-TV in front of the camera and behind the scenes.


Paris Family Medical Center

So after searching for a couple of years for a medically managed weight loss program, myself, my nurse, and several staff members were invol…