bottle caps to bench

From bottle caps to a sturdy seat

400 pounds of bottle caps is all it takes to make one Vigo County elementary school a sustainability teacher for the community.


Chicago Pedway

Chicago’s winter weather can turn a leisurely stroll through downtown into an endurance test. Luckily, for the past 60 years there has been …


In the Spotlight: Wayne Manor

Hip Hop with a message: It’s an important part of Wes Cowan’s role as Wayne Manor. It is music that he hopes to bring awareness to the issue…


Cleff’s Chronicles: Jeff Hock

A talented businessman in the wine industry has been acknowledged for his skills, thanks to articles in well-known publications, including t…

WISH Photo

IND solar farm now fully operational

The largest airport-based solar farm in the world is officially operating in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis International Airport Solar Farm…