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Off the Beaten Path: Swept away

News 10’s Ross Rowling is stopping ‘Off the Beaten Path’ to meet a school employee who uses his talents to bring people together; no matter …


The best of Off the Beaten Path

News 10’s Ross Rowling spends a half hour in studio showcasing “Off the Beaten Path” in a best of special brought to you by Bemis.


Off the Beaten Path: The Painter

Whether you are visiting our area for the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County or live here and can enjoy the bridges anytime, we all kno…


Off the Beaten Path: Christmas in July

Almost anyone can relate to having some sort of hobby…anything you could do for fun. Hobbies relieve stress from work, pass the time, and …


Off the Beaten Path: Gone Fishin’

News 10’s Ross Rowling stepped “Off the Beaten Path” to find a young lady in Vincennes who spends a lot of time out on the Wabash River.

Photos from inside Mike McCormick's home (Credit: Mike Latta)

Bicentennial: Terre Haute’s Historian

Inside his house, pieces of our history line the walls. You will find old high school memorabilia, actress portraits along with train depot …