Photos: Snow slams WNY

Viewers sent in their snowy photos from the snowstorm in New York. Click here to view the photo gallery!


Photos: Storm Team 10 Weather Webcast

Check out this behind the scenes look of the Storm Team 10’s Weather Webcast showcased on WTHITV.com on Wednesday Click here to view the pho…

Sam Merryman

Frostbite takes man’s fingers

As the thermometer drops below freezing, those temperatures pose as dangerous a threat as sleet or ice. One man knows the true danger posed …


The serious impact frost bite can have

In a News 10 follow-up; Storm Team 10 will check back in with a Wabash Valley man who has dealt with the serious impact frost bite can have …

(WSBT Photo)

Lake-effect snow hits northern Indiana

Lake-effect snowfall in northern Indiana has snarled traffic with low visibility and slick roadways. Police says dozens of collisions and sl…


Crawling into the science of a wooly worm

Learn more about those brown and black hairy caterpillars known as “wooly/woolly worms”. There are unique traits and interesting science beh…